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July 18th

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July 25th

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August 1st

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August 8th

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Our Parties are the best around!! Birthday Fun AND a Life Lesson...Who Knew??
Pizza Parlor! Breakfast Bonanza! Princess Tea Party! Cupcake Challenge! Minecraft Madness!


  • Andrew Fisher, Founder, Operations Manager & Cooking Instructor 

    Photo of Andrew FisherAndrew who is often referred to as "Mr. Meatball" has been a primary contributor to the success of Bakers Buzzin' over the past several years. As an operational manager, Andrew uses his creativity to consistently create new and fun cooking events and activities for children of all ages. He enjoys working with customers both in person and online and enjoys the marketing and business side of Bakers Buzzin'. As a cooking instructor, Mr. Meatball makes cooking and baking fun and interactive for everyone involved. 

    His level of dedication to Bakers Buzzin' over the past 4 years is apparent in every aspect of the business. "It's not enough to just teach cooking skills. It's about learning the art of having fun in the kitchen from interacting and working hand in hand with others, to consistently bringing out your silly side. It's learning that cleaning up after yourself and having respect for one another is just as important as learning how to measure flour or crack an egg. It's understanding that not everyone learns at the same pace, that inclusion is a cornerstone of any good business and that becoming a great cook doesn't happen with your first cooking class."    

    For nearly two decades,  Andrew grew a successful career at two large banking institutions but always had the desire to move away from the corporate world and make a career out of his true passions; working with children and cooking. Andrew considers himself a kid at heart being that he's interacted with children his entire life. In addition to his sixteen years as a working parent of three, he is also the youngest child of a family of eleven children. With twenty eight and counting nieces and nephews, his entire childhood and young adulthood were spent around lots and lots of children!

    1013076_10201551854902432_495570350_nBeing the youngest of eleven children was not easy. With all the hustle bustle of such a large household, Andrew had to learn to navigate his way around the kitchen on his own at an early age. He was never shy in wanting to help cook meals for his very large family. In college, Andrew learned to cook and eat on a limited budget and took jobs at a seafood restaurant, an asian restaurant and an italian restaurant and was exposed to a wide variety of cuisine. His love for cooking took off from there. His favorite foods to cook include Italian and Mexican dishes and he’s also a self proclaimed "chili head" due to his love of spicy food.    

    After moving to Tega Cay South Carolina with his wife in 2006, Andrew became actively involved in community activities both inside and outside of school. He and his wife enjoy reading to children and finding opportunities to assisting teachers with supplemental curriculums such as Junior Achievement. Andrew is ServSafe® certified in proper food handling as well as First Aid and CPR certified through the American Heart Association®.

    Andrew also has a love for the outdoors including fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, gardening and outdoor home improvement projects.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Andrew and his 10 siblings (1977)


  • Leslie Fisher, Founder and Cooking Instructor 

    DSC_0321Leslie is a business professional by trade but her true passion lies in a lifelong love for baking and cooking in the kitchen. When she is not running her three children from one activity to the next, she’s spending her time with them in the kitchen. Passionate about her children’s love of cooking but discouraged by the lack of children’s cooking venues in the area, Leslie became determined to jointly open a kids kitchen with her husband, Andrew, who shares her love of cooking. She envisioned a place to teach children to bake and cook but to do it with a focus on fun. Since Bakers Buzzin’s launch in 2013, Leslie has loved being a cooking instructor in classes, parties and so many other events!

    As far back as Leslie can remember, she spent time with her mother making memorable favorites such as peanut butter cookies and Christmas treats around the holidays. She also has fond memories of her days in home economics learning many of the basic skills she still uses today. 


     Child looking at oven                      Girl cooking with her mother

    Leslie patiently waiting for her cookies to finish.                            Cooking with her mother at age 3

    After moving to Tega Cay from New Jersey in 2006, she took an interest in leading a Daisy Scout troop for her oldest daughter. From Daisy Scouts to Brownies to Girl Scouts, Leslie has been actively involved and leading Girl Scout troops and activities for the past 10 years. From meeting coordination and instruction, fund raising activities, and field trips to volunteer and community service projects, Leslie found her passion in working with children. In addition to scouting, Leslie is actively involved in elementary school activities from classroom parent and activities coordinator to Junior Achievement instructor. Leslie is ServSafe® certified in proper food handling as well as First Aid and CPR certified through the American Heart Association®.

    Along with cooking, baking and parenting her three wonderful children, Leslie enjoys reading, spending time outdoors with her family and spending time with her favorite dog “Thunder”.


  • Mackenzie Taylor, Cooking Assistant

    Mackenzie is one of our newest cooking assistants here at Bakers Buzzin' but you'd never know it!  Known as "Mac N' Cheese" at out kitchen, Mackenzie goes to school and lives in Rock Hill South Carolina. We're hoping that after graduation, Mackenzie continues to stay on board here because her hard work and love for cooking shows day in and day out!

  • Emily Fisher, Cooking Assistant

    Emily is a Sophomore at Fort Mill High School and has worked at Bakers Buzzin' for about 2 years! In fact as Mr. Meatball's daughter, Emily has a lot of cooking skills under her belt! Also referred to as "Coconut" around the Bakers Buzzin' kitchen, Emily is very active inside and outside of school. She is a Girl scout Senior and has been actively involved in Girl Scouts since she was 5 years old. She participates in concert chorus, Beta Club, Model UN and is actively involved in numerous other school clubs and activities. With her free time, she practices learning piano and the ukulele, enjoying music and baking.

  • Erin Rosebrock, Cooking Assistant

  • Brianna Cioffi, Cooking Assistant

    Brianna is college student at Western Carolina State University in North Carolina and has worked at Bakers Buzzin' for well over 2 years! Also referred to as "Avocado" around the Bakers Buzzin' kitchen, we were both happy and sad to see Brianna graduate and go off to college last year. Lucky for us, Brianna continues to work at Bakers Buzzin' on college breaks and during our busy summer program. Brianna loves all types of cooking and baking and we are proud to have her on our team!